Gay Sitges Carnaval 2012

Gay Sitges Carnival

Some budget cuts are planned for the biggest Gay Carnaval in Europe.

Sitges Carnaval news.

We do not know programming or submission of the official calendar of activities but there are some new detsails of  Sitges Carnival 2012 are known. The Carnaval will be held on Sunday 19 and Tuesday 21 February. These are the days of the celebrations of Rua of Rua de l’Disbauxa i Extermini.

So if you have spare time to travel to these celebrations, check these days in your calendar. The event, which will begin on February 16 and will extend to 22of February, suffered a severe cut in the budget:  it is said the financing is cut by by 40% over the previous year investment .

Nevertheless, the carnival will not lose strength and provides that the city and its streets are crowded during the days of the rúas.

Gay Sitges Carnival is expected to attract more than 50carriages and about 3,000 people as direct participants.

As we mentioned,  the program is so far unpublished but you can expect that the main parade will be held  from 19:30 pm, somewhat earlier than they did last year (with the change in City Hall are looking to save on security costs of the event).

Gay Sitges: Carnival 2012