Gay Spain:Travel Tips

We are traveling more and more nowadays. To get the best out of your holiday 3 budget tips to keep your  gay holiday payable.

gay spain1 The cheapest flight.
To get a flight to your favourite destination in Spain is easy. To get the cheapest flight is sometimes difficult. Are you one of those people who is always meeting people who did fly way cheaper, then you did?? Here some tips.
- Don’t just book a flight, but compare rates.
- Don’t assume that the budget airlines are always cheaper.
- If you find a rate through a travel agent or a searching page on the internet, don’t book right away. Always compare this rate with rates on the internet page of the airline itself. Lot’s of times it’s cheaper.

2 Gay hotels, package deal or???
- Package trips are lot’s of times better priced then a separate booking of your hotel and flight. Normally a package deal is including transfer from the airport to your hotel.
- Gay hotels are often a bit more expensive. If it’s not so important for you where you stay it’s most of the times cheaper t book an other hotel or appartment. If you are traveling alone or feel better among gays a gay hotel is a perfect option of course.

If you want to stay in a hotel where many gay travellers book their holidays, then just visit our recommended hotels pages:

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3 Prices on your holiday destination
Inform yourself about the prices on your destination. Is a drink 2 euro’s or do you pay doble, triple etc. The destination can seem cheap, But pricelevel during your stay makes your holiday expensive!!! For example In Torremolinos you pay 10 (including drink) euro to get in the biggest club. Ibiza price is lot’s of times triple or more.