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Gay Spain News March 2012

MADRID’S mayor says the PP will keep the law that allows same-sex couples to marry, whether Mariano Rajoy likes it or not.

Spain’s PP leader revealed two weeks ago that he would scrap the law if he got into power in 2012 on the basis that it was ‘unconstitutional’.

Roughly translated, this means Rajoy simply does not agree with all-male and all-female couples getting married.

Alberto Ruiz Gallardón, however, says that if the national Constitutional Court continues to approve homosexual marriage – as is its present stance – then it will remain legal, as far as the PP is concerned.

Ruiz Gallardón considers it the ‘correct thing to do, politically’.

He also denies that the PP will cut social aid and benefits if wins the next general elections.

Gay Spain News March 2012