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Madrid is one of the gay capitals of Europe with more than 40 gay bars and clubs residing in the very central area, called Chueca.
And as one knows – Spanish nightlife is that late that the most bars do not open before midnight. At the same time the temperatures are high in the summer, so one choose to drink his beer outside the bar doors.

Now Madrid town hall has a dilemma how to meet both the needs of the residents who want their sleep and the young crowd who flock to Chueca and around for their party.

gay madrid spainMadrid used to be one of the noisiest capitals of Europe but it is all changing.
Twenty years later. The city has changed almost completely, except perhaps in the fact that the Popular Party still rules. The City Council decides to try a new legislation to combat the noise at night hours.

You don’t hear much about scandals or street quarrels in central Madrid, but that does not mean that the situation has improved.

Years before, the central area of Chueca and around it was worthless, no one wanted to live here, it was full of young people doing what they wanted. Chueca had a terrible reputation. No one was interested in it. Then things changed, so many night venues opened and by the mid 90′s Chueca was the place to be if you are young and trendy, or better to say, gay, trendy and have money to spend.

Business owners of Chueca are willing to accept a law against noise, including a moratorium on opening new stores but expect all further movements in that direction would be done in mutual agreement and dialog. Commercial activity is not supposed to be harmed and no forcing of earlier night closures for bars, like at 2.30, would be proposed in the near future. Madrid is known for very late nightlife, so restriction on earlier closure hours would be very damaging to the businesses.

Madrid town hall is searching for a middle way to satisfy the needs of the residents to live in a pleasant environment and businesses like shops, bars and hotels who just need tourists to enjoy the centre of Madrid.

The rule approved a year ago, is banning night events exceeding 45 decibels in residential areas and 53 in recreational ones. The regulation applied to the hours between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. Good news is: In certain situations town hall may modify or suspend the limitation, such as during Gay Pride.

Let’s hope we will party this summer at 100% as the year before.

Gay News from Spain