Gay Spain in Press

Gay Spain 2012: The Fitur exhibition 2012 was partly devoted to gay tourism in Spain. Juan Pedro Tudela, coordinator of this sub-sector, highlighted during the event in Madrid that Ibiza “is losing its steam” in the gay travel market mostly because of the accelerating competition from other gay destinations.

gay spain“We must be aware that even the goose that lays the golden eggs can die of its success. Many gays have stopped going to Ibiza because since recently they prefer destinations like Greece, where the service is great and where things are made easy for gay travellers”, commenting an expert in gay travel. ”If you think that gays will go out on inertia then you are wrong, you have to take care of the gay travellers to Spain” adds the head of LGBT Expo Fitur, who believes that a destination today “can not afford to attract a gay traveller and then forget it. ”

“Ibiza is lagging a bit behind the aggressiveness with which other destinations in Gay Spain advertise themselves. I’m not saying they are doing neither very bad nor very good, they are just not doing things, “said Tudela.

The key, in his view, is that the gays ‘are loyal but also very smart and sensitive. “ ”If there comes a gay cruise with 6,000 people at the port of Ibiza town and no one thinks to  organize some kind of  performance to make them feel welcome, it is a mistake,” he explains.

Tudela expects more collaboration during the world convention of the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) to be held in Madrid in late May. ”There are more than 1,000 key people meeting in Madrid  holding meetings or making contacts”, says Tudela, head of the consultancy.

Interest in other gay destinations in Spain
The organizers of Gay expo Fitur feels sorry that Ibiza was not present in the gay sector of the fair, despite being one of the six big gay destinations of Spain along with Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Sitges, Torremolinos and Gran Canaria. ”Either for lack of money or maybe lack of time to plan it, Ibiza is not on Fitur Gay. It is unfortunate that a big gay destination in Spain is not present and yet Granada and Extremadura are present, they are fighting like crazy to make it in a very interesting market.

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