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Gay Spain News 2012

Tour operators and media from a total of 17 countries in Europe and America have gathered Wednesday in Granada to show the tourist attractions of the province are welcoming gay travel.As part of the ‘Second Conference of Gay Tourism of Granada’, sponsored by the Provincial Tourist Board, under the Provincial Council, has organized a ‘workshop’  between agents and media guests and fifty  tourism enterprises from Granada and the rest of Andalusia, and in the afternoon on Wednesday is scheduled to hold a seminar on LGBT market research which explains industry figures, major gay travel countries, trends, marketing channels, destinations and favorite tourist products, tourist profile and habits.

Gay Spain in News 2012

According to the European ambassador of the International Association of Gay and Lesbian Tourism, Juan Carmona, initiatives like this have allowed Granada to be the first Spanish province considered “gay-friendly destination in Spain”, which also moves to open another concept such as “we are all welcome “.The Ministry of Trade Tourism and Sport has also conducted studies on the subject, as explainede provincial delegate for Granada, Alejandro Zubeldia, which has been reported that the gay traveler is, as a rule, young, cosmopolitan, of a medium-high cultural level, traveling short periods but more frequently, spending on average 65 percent more than other types of tourists.

With the assistance of journalists, the province of Granada also benefit from the publication of news and features at no cost in several industry magazines such as American ‘Passport Magazine’ and ‘Advocate’, German ‘Mate Magazine’, the Dutch ‘Zij aan Zij’ Czech ‘Gay Travel’ or the Danish ‘Out & About’.

On the occasion of the second edition of the conference, the patronage has reissued the LGBT tourism brochure to be delivered to all participants with new text and graphic content, and the relationship of the two hundred Granada tourism companies who declared themselves gay-friendly in the first edition.

In Spain alone Spanish LGBT community is estimated at about three million people who represent a market of 31.829 million euros and about 3,300 million spent annually on travel, at a rate of about 1,100 euros per person per year.

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Gay Spain News 2012