Gay Madrid guide

Gay Madrid guide
gay madridThe night of Madrid is known worldwide for being fun, lively, diverse and safe,many gay venues, from restaurants and cafes to bars and nightclubs, as short distances to be with each other just a short walk. Chueca is the epicenter of the gay night of Madrid, the most emblematic gay area of Spain.

Like any gay city, Chueca is full of bars, pubs, cafes and nightclubs where the night seems endless and is very easy to discover it is already the morningand the party is still going on. We review the inside and outside of Gay Madrid.

Chueca: the epicentre of Gay Madrid

The evening can begin at any time in a quiet place to plan what will be done tonight or where to meet your friends and discuss what is going on. To do this, nothing beats the Museo Chicote (Gran Vía, 12), a classic gay Madrid venue still retaining the ambiance of the 50′s, when it became a mythical place you could see celebrities like Ava Gardner to Cary Grant. Today, Chicote has become one of the trendy first time bars, although it can be breakfast and lunch, coffee or a drink at any time, while each night with guest DJs. One of the most emblematic venues in Gay Madrid. Not that popular anymore but you should visit it once.

Meanwhile, coffee bar Mama Inés (Hortaleza, 22) is a peaceful and quiet place to take one of the first drinks or coffee in the afternoon. Gay Madrid meets here for the best coffee’s. Also La Troje (Pelayo, 26), in the Chueca, is a classic early afternoon and the whole gay Madrid neighborhood has taken one of the cakes. /a good place for a  quiet coffee, to see exhibitions and art parties. The same is true of XXX Café (Clavel, 4, corner of Queen), its large windows open wide to the outside, something that became his day a symbol of the new visibility of Chueca.

gay madridOne of the most modern bars, with modern design and located on the ground floor of Room Mate Oscar hotel, bar Gift. Located in the famous Plaza de Vazquez de Mella, is the meeting point of fashion and diversity, this is complemented perfectly with the pool terrace on the top floor of the hotel, with stunning 360 ° views over the city which is open to the public year-round-covered and heated in winter, you can take a drink from 16.30 to 00:30. Gay Madrid goes chic!

A few meters we find the video-bar Liquid (Barbieri, 7) where all the music is accompanied by video clips, cast in multiple screens in different parts of the bar. Right opposite is Polana (Barbieri, 10) a nightclub open every day until five o’clock in the morning. And then next door is the cocktail bar Studio 54, with a youthful and carefree and to enjoy music.

If you like the atmosphere of bear or leather, you should certainly have a drink in front (Infantas, 12), Bears Bar (Pelayo, 4) or Odarko (Loreto y Chicote, 7), as well as FU3L (San Marcos, 14 ) Fraggel Pop (Bethlehem, 6), The Step (Costanillla of the Capuchins, 1), Lio (Pelayo, 58), Hot (Infantas, 9) and Angel (Campoamor, 11). Around December 8, every yearhere they organize special events and meetings for ‘bears’ arriving from all over Spain.

On the other hand, to have a drink, with or without entertainment, the Black and White (Freedom 34) is one of the best options in Chueca. This place is one of the most legendary venues in gay Madrid, known throughout the world and always very lively despite its age, over 30 years of history, and still its parties and shows are always lively. Its stage features best transvestites, strippers and drag queens on the national scene as well as international stars of cabaret.

gay madridThe Black and White hosts some of the most popular events of the year. During the weekends you will find younger crowd  in Rainbow, its nightclub downstairs.

In Madrid, as in any big city, the girls also have their own spaces. In the Plaza de Chueca and nearby are two of the busiest, Stunt and Bohemia, where you can dance and have a drink, though, despite beinggirls bars, both characterized by the mixture of people who come to them. Also worth a visit Vendetta, a place to meet many women, but also allows  guys.

Moreover, in summer the terraces of the square are the perfect place to watch and know the atmosphere of one of the busiest places around Gay Madrid but, yes, it is not easy to find a free table. In any case, starting from the Plaza de Chueca and in any direction, each night the neighborhood is overflowing with people who frequent the many places open in the area.

Gay Madrid: surroundings

A few minutes walk from Chueca is the nightclub Ohm (Plaza de Callao, 4), open Friday and Saturday from midnight and it has become a classic night of the weekend, especially for its famous events. It is mostly gay on Fridays, Saturdays while she enjoyed in a mixed environment of gay-straight ‘which gives a sample of the diversity of the city. And a few minutes walk to the club Cool (Isabella, 6 semiesquina Gran Via), with one of the best gay sessions on Saturday in entire Gay Madrid, the work of the promoters of the now legendary and world famous Gay Infinity party, which held during the Madrid Gay Pride.

During the week there is no room for boredom, thanks to sites like the classic Why Not (San Bartolomé, 6), a must if you are looking to take the pulse of Gay Madrid atmosphere, where you can find a very funny dance music.

Gay Madrid: Tapas in the area

At the time of tapas, the bar I’levn, (Plaza Vázquez de Mella, 11) offers Basque pintxos, like Txueca (Plaza Vázquez de Mella, 10), whereas if what is sought is ‘fried fish’ and flavor of Andalusia, Bocaíto (Freedom, 6) is the perfect bar. Other places to have tapas are Los Jimenez (Barbieri, 14), Stop Madrid (Hortaleza, 11), The Breath (Infantas, 34) and Isolée (Infantas, 19), the latter, a bar, an original store.

In general, Chueca has numerous sunyn terraces where tapas, such as Lateral (Fuencarral, 43), in the heart of shopping area, although it is best to visit the area and discover its many possibilities.

Gay Madrid Beyond Chueca
gay madridMadrid also offers interesting leisure options outside the gay Chueca area, so it’s worth a few nights out and see beyond. The world famous ‘macro disco’ Macumba, called Space of Sound on Sunday, celebrated this day public meetings for gay and gay friendly crowd, which sometimes are co-produced with Heaven.Not to forget Space of Sound Festival, which for years held throughout the first day of the year. And to end the week in the best way, Sunday is celebrated one of the most popular morning sessions for the gays, the Maker of Heaven Fresh-Devothica (Toledo, 86).

In certain special days is the feast WE (WE party), which has become one of the revelatiosn of the season with a spectacular audio-visual production and careful staging that brings together the best national dj’s in a flagship room of Madrid, La Riviera (Paseo Bajo de la Virgen del Puerto, s /n).

Supermartxé groups, Family Trip, FSM, and Heaven-Devothica We celebrate special occasions throughout the year. For example, the first one, whose sessions in Ibiza have been nominated for the Guinness Book of Records, offers an experience of magic, music and color that stands out for its originality, especially in the festival organized on the night of Dec. 31.

Finally, it is worth to mention one of the most interesting neighborhoods of Madrid, Lavapies. Famous for its multicultural atmosphere, restaurants and tea shops from Hindu to Arabic, it also has local ‘environment’, especially for girls. The disco Medea (Head, 33) is one of their mythical places there.

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