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Gran Canaria must be one of the world’s most gay friendly, cosmopolitan and forward thinking holiday destinations you’ll find. And the Resorts of Maspalomas and Playa Del Ingles immediately prove this fact! The people are warm and embracing – and incidentally, so is the climate.

gay gran canariaGran Canaria is 28 degrees up from the equator, level with Algeria and Egypt. The main language is Spanish and the currency is the euro. In April 2011 the exchange rate was around 1.14 euros to the pound. High season for tourism is 1st October to 31st May and low season is 1st June to 30th September.

The weather is almost constant sunshine all year round with passing clouds. If you’re very unlucky it will rain, ranging from light drizzle to a torrential downpour, but this is rare. It’s slightly cloudier in October, some rain in November and December and a bit colder in January and February – but still very pleasant. The island is at its most green and lush in March after the winter rain. It becomes progressively more barren until September/ October.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit Gran Canaria as a Gay holiday destination, then all you have to do is ask anyone who’s had the pleasure… a mecca of gay bars, nightlife and gay beaches, Maspalomas is the Gay capital of Europe! And very proud of it! No one can deny, that if you’re looking for a gay friendly resort where you can relax yet by night, be spoilt for choice with every conceivable type of bar and nightclub at hand, Maspalomas and Playa Del Ingles are not beaten.

Gran Canaria must have one of the best beaches in the world. It takes 20 minutes to walk across sand dunes before you reach the sea. The dunes are over 20 feet high and we’ve seen people sledging down them. The beach stretches from Playa de Maspalomas in the west to Playa del Inglés in the east, with numbered stations for sunbathing all the way along. When we arrived we were told that the gay beach was “number 7″ – what we weren’t told is that there are TWO number 7′s. The numbering system starts at 1 at the furthest west & east points, and increases in number as you reach the middle. The gay beach is on the western side, which is Playa de Maspalomas. If this is your first time to the beach ask a taxi to take you to thePlaza del Faro, a shopping centre at the furthest western point of the beach. Then start walking east until you reach spot number 7. You’ll know it’s the gay beach because the ratio of naked men to naked women suddenly rises dramatically and there’s a big rainbow flag on the kiosk.

gay gran canaria, gay maspalomas, gay playa del inglesGay nightlife (and anything specific by day really too) centers around Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés. There’s a few options in the capital Las Palmas though it’s a long way to go for a bit of fun if you’re staying in the south with the fun on your doorstep. Las Palmas is a nice alternative though if you like to mix the fun with some real Spanish/Canarian culture and atmosphere as you won’t find much of that in the Yumbo or the south. Las Palmas, in addition to several gay bars, clubs, saunas….. also offers visitors museums, galleries, theatre, opera, classical and popular concerts, various major events throughout the year (second largest attended carnival in the world) and of course most important of all, shopping to die for at prices lower than the duty free in the airport.

If you want to be in the heart of everything though and do little more than relax on the beach all day & party by night then look for somewhere in Playa del Ingles (near the Yumbo center) or Maspalomas (down near the tenis center & golf course as that’s where most of the gay complexes are or near the dunes). If you’re loaded then anothr option is one of the luxury hotels down at Meloneras which is where Maspalomas beach and sand dunes start.

Add to this, a year round sub-tropical climate, breathtaking scenery (not only on the beaches!) and the spectacular annual Carnival and Gay Pride Festival – and you’ll wonder why you never came to visit us before?


Gay Hotels Gran Canaria      Gay Bars Gran Canaria      Gay Clubs Gran Canaria      Gay Cruising Gran Canaria      Gay Saunas Gran Canaria