Gay Barcelona

gay barcelonaFor gay travellers Barcelona had been one of the favourite destinations in Europe for the last twenty years. The city has this perfect combination of a warm Mediterranean climate, beaches within and close to the city, mountains in the hinterland and the culture, nightlife, sights and infrastructure of an European metropolis.

Among the things that make Barcelona unique are the many fine examples of Catalan Art Nouveau architecture (Modernisme Català). Barcelona is also a good place to enjoy the modern design that had bloomed after the death of dictator Franco.

As Barcelona is the capital of the autonomous region Catalonia you will notice some signs of the efforts of Catalonia towards more and more autonomy from Spain. E.g., while your older travel book might still use the Spanish (Castilian) street names, they disappear step by step in Barcelona.

Barcelona has long had the reputation as a city with a vibrant and integrated gay scene. Whilst there are some areas that are frequented more by the gay community, everywhere in the city is welcoming and open-minded, making Barcelona a gay friendly popular destination for members of the gay community. gay barcelona

Many of the gay bars, clubs and hostels are around the area called Eixample (pronounced eshaumplay) and nicknamed gayxample. This is the heart of the gay scene, although it’s not exclusively a gay area.

Another area that is very popular with the Gay Community is Sitges, which is just a short train journey away from Barcelona.

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